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J.R. Laddha Financial Services Team

"Formed to provide a bouquet of financial services to wealthy families and corporate houses."

Shri Jodh Raj Laddha envisioned a financial services company in 1969 with a modest beginning by serving the first set of clients with insurance services, in Kolkata. In 1984, JR Laddha Financial Services (JRLFS) was formed to provide a bouquet of financial services to wealthy families and corporate houses.

Like other successful legacy businesses, Mr Laddha was joined by his two sons to grow the business higher and wider. Mr Arun Laddha took over the operations from his father and started expanding in the eastern belt of the country. While Mr Manoj Laddha shifted to Mumbai in 1994 to further expand into western & northern parts of the country sensing the opportunity in the Mutual Fund industry. Group also diversified to have added Corporate Finance as a new business vertical, besides wealth management.

J.R. Laddha Financial Services Team

In parallel, the financial advisory business continued to grow in North, West and South, whereby, JRLFS opened branches in Delhi and in 2011-12 the Group also diversified into the Investment Banking space. So while the debt financing was done through its Corporate Finance desk, equity financing was intended to be done by the investment vertical. JRLFS collaborated with firms in US, UK and Japan, and opened an office in Singapore for international investors and companies.

JRLFS also created a global technology platform, which not only invests in early stage tech enabled companies but also helps them to grow in their business, organically & inorganically, globally. To enable that it has partnered with global teams in US & Europe. This is in addition to a very successful VC fund launched in 2015 called Unicorn Ventures. This fund invests in early state technology ventures; focusing on social media, telephony, big data analytics, cloud and cyber security.

JRL Capital was recently launched with twin strategies to ramp up family office financial advisory and private wealth management of UHNIs. The company is also poised to innovate off-market & be-spoke investment solutions for its esteemed investors; into multiple asset classes. Additionally, this also runs an online FinTech Platform for distribution of Financial solutions to its retail network in India, called JRL Money.