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Hrithik Roshan now eyes start-ups, stock markets

( 18:00, 25-Feb-16)

Bollywood star Hrithik Roshan’s journey—from a child with a stammer to stardom, and from battling health issues to being a fitness enthusiast—has encouraged him to accept challenges head-on.

However, when it comes to managing his own money, the “two-year-old” investor has been conservative. Roshan has restricted himself to investing in gold, real estate and mutual funds.

But now he is open to taking risks, and is looking at investments in start-ups and stock markets. And like everything he does, there is a plan, a dream and a goal.


However, his real passion is to expand HRX—a lifestyle apparel and casual wear brand for men—owned by him and his talent management agency Exceed Entertainment. “I truly want to make this platform a symbol. I think the biggest validation for a brand is the fact that in about two years it is a Rs.100 crore-plus brand,” Roshan says.

Launched in November 2013, HRX has an exclusive partnership with fashion portal Myntra to sell products on its platform. HRX is now planning to increase its product offering from apparel, footwear and deodorants to inner wear, male grooming products, home gyms, gym equipment and wearable tech.

“I want to make HRX a Rs.500 crore company in the next two years,” he says.

Though Roshan doesn’t micro-manage his money and lets his team handle it, he does spell out his goals. “Money to make more money has to have some goal. My focus is not where to invest but the reason to invest. I need to have a goal to work towards,” he says.

Roshan says healthcare, education, fitness and technology are the four areas in which he is looking for start-ups to invest in. He is open to investing in cinema, but quickly clarifies that there needs to be a reason. “I need to have a very strong reason to invest. I would love to if I could think of something innovative that can make the process of film-making easier,” he says.

His money philosophy goes like this: the process of making money can be enjoyable because it is a validation of hard work, security, acknowledgement and a means to experience more than what you have already. “In the process of making money what I have seen is that it becomes like a vicious cycle and money becomes an end in itself. In that you start to loss the true nature of life.”

Source - Mint

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